Wednesday, June 22, 2016

You Can Create a 360° Video with Your Phone! (Create for Google Cardboard, too.)

I bet you've wondered what kind of expensive equipment people are buying to create the amazing 360° videos that are being posted everywhere.  The answer is none!  If you have an iPhone or an Android phone, you can create beautiful, seamless 360° videos in just seconds with the Google Street View app.

Here is how:
1.  Download the app and log in.
2.  At the bottom right, click the + button and it will open your camera options.  You will choose camera to create a 360 video unless you have purchased a special 360 camera.
3.  Stand in the center of the location where you wish to take your 360.  The app will direct you where to face your camera by matching up the circle on the screen with the dots as you circle right.
4.  When you are finished, click the check mark and it will take a minute for the app to stitch the pics together.  You now have the option of keeping your 360 video private, uploading to the Google Street View collection of videos, downloading it, or sharing it with various social media sites.
5.  See that little cardboard symbol in the top right?  You can click that button and put your phone in your Google Cardboard viewer to watch your video in virtual reality!

In the time it took you to read this, you could have created a 360° video.  It is that easy!

Why would you need a 360° video?

1.  It's a fun way to introduce your classroom before students come in for the new year.
2.  Create a virtual tour of your school for prospective parents.
3.  Take 360 videos of the places you visit on your vacations so you can share with your students.  Some may never get to visit these places and it allows them to interact with the image as if they are there- especially if you put the image in a Google Cardboard viewer.
4.  Take 360 images of your town and community buildings to share your community's history and to share with students when studying about community jobs, roles, and importance.
5. Take 360 videos when you go on field trips.  Think of the amazing conversations your students will have upon the return when they can relive those experiences through virtual reality.
6.  Take 360 videos of places you wish you could take your students for field trips, but you can't because of budget restrictions.  The 360 experience is more realistic than just sharing photos.

I see you are downloading Google Street View now.  Excellent!  Make sure to share your ideas and videos in the comments.

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  1. Karen, great explanation of making 360, but I greatly value the suggestions for how it can be used in the classroom. More people in education need to include that beautiful gem in the edtech posts. Thank you!


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