Sunday, July 24, 2016

12 MORE Educational Apps to Use with Google Cardboard

A few months ago I wrote a very popular post called 12 FREE Educational Apps to Use with Google Cardboard.  Since then there have been many more apps added to my Virtual Reality (VR) library that I would like to share.  To use these apps you will need to have a Google Cardboard viewer.  I suggest you purchase an inexpensive Google Cardboard VR kit on Amazon to get started.  Purchase a pre-built, ready to assemble kit or a plastic model rather than a kit that needs to be fully assembled.  You also need to have an Android based or iPhone (Smartphone) that will fit in the cardboard frame, so check the dimensions.  Are you still a bit confused about Google Cardboard and Virtual Reality?  Watch this video:

I am featuring VR apps for the iPhone since that is what I currently own and use in the classroom:

Discovery VR- Explore 360 content from Discovery channel shows, adventures, and explorations.  Discovery is known for amazing digital content and is adding to this library of VR images.
Nearpod- Nearpod has added VR components to their lessons.  Teachers can now push out 360 virtual tours to students through the app.  The app is free but individual lessons cost $ to download.

NY Times VR- The NY Times wants to put you in the center of the story by providing news content through a VR lens.
Cardio VR- Help the doctor fix broken bones, heart problems, and more using special x-rays and inside vision.  This app is completely child friendly.
VR Lessons by Thinglink- A collection of beautiful 360 images for students to explore science, language, and art.  ($4.99)
Liftoff VR- Launch a rocket into space.  You help control the launch and landing of the Falcon 9.
InCell VR- An action game that takes place in a human cell.  This app will give your students a life-size view of the parts of a cell.
Aquarium VR- Visit sharks, dolphins, clown fish and more as you explore the underwater world.  Gaze upon a creature and the app will give you information.
Paris VR- Take a virtual trip to Paris and tour the city's most iconic locations.
GE 360- Explore science and technology with GE.  Learn how GE is developing and using the next generation of machines.
Google Street View- Type a location, look at the street view, find the Google Cardboard symbol in the top right corner to use in your Cardboard viewer.  You can also learn to create your own 360 videos with my directions here.

Google Expeditions- Soon to be available for IOS- Google has opened their Expeditions App to all!  With over 200 immersive locations, you will be ready to take your class on a virtual field trip almost anywhere in the world.

There still are many more cardboard apps available for Android phones, but the availability of IOS apps is growing.  Have fun exploring!


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