Thursday, September 22, 2016

10 Ways to Create an Infographic or Poster

Infographics and posters are a great way to share facts, statistics, and information in an easy to understand way.  They are engaging to use as a reference or resource for teaching and sharing information with your students.   

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Infographics and posters are also very easy to create with the many high-quality tools available online- whether you have an artistic mind or not. I recommend creation tools like these because when students create visual data they are employing critical thinking, creativity, authentic learning, and technology skills.  Take a look at some of these popular tools for creating and start using infographics and posters in your classroom:

PiktoChart advertises that "non designers create beautiful infographics in as little as 10 minutes.” This powerful creation tool includes one of the largest libraries of free themes and media that are ready to use.

2. Canva
Canva is an easy-to-use online tool that creates posters, infographics, presentations, social media images, cards, and more!   Canva has a vast library of images, icons, fonts and features to choose from.

Venngage is a great tool for creating and publishing infographics, posters, reports, or social media posts because it's so simple and easy to use. You can choose from templates, themes, and hundreds of charts and icons.  You can also upload your own images and backgrounds and animate them too!

Poster My Wall allows users to create infographics in the form of posters, collages, calendars, and cards.  Teachers can set up a classroom account for free!

A powerful tool to help students become designers and curators of content.  This site creates more than just infographics or posters- use it to create newsletters, flyers, magazines, brochures, reports, and more.  Teachers can upgrade their account to a FREE education account here:

6. Smore
Use Smore to create professional-looking electronic flyers and newsletters. Choose from a variety of backgrounds and templates and then simply enter your information and add photos, logos, links and other features. A Smore is easy to share and distribute via email or social media (recipients can print copies, if desired).

7. Tackk
Tackk can be used to present information (student presentations, fliers for parents, school newsletters, professional learning, etc.).  One thing I like about Tackk is that the teacher, students, or community can contribute to a project by adding text, images, and videos, making this a collaborative tool. is touted as an infographic resume creator.  However, it can also create vibrant language maps, timelines, bubble charts, tree maps, pictograms, and more.

This tool offers you a several customizable, free templates to start you off. The library of images has arrows, shapes and connector lines, and you can customize the text with range of fonts, colors, text styles and sizes.


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