Tuesday, September 13, 2016

StoryboardThat! Visual Learning and Creating is for creating storyboards, graphic organizers, character maps, comparison charts, timelines, and comics. 

Image your students completing a plot diagram like this:

This versatile and easy to use online resource has available all of the backgrounds, images, and text possibilities your students will need to tell their curricular story, no matter what grade level or topic.  The only drawback is that is not a free resource, although educators and schools can receive accounts at a discounted rate.

This Geometric Solids- Shape Vocabulary lesson is just one example of the many lesson planning resources available in the classroom edition.  Each lesson includes step-by-step plans, connection to standrads, examples of finished products, a how-to on recreating the project, or the ability to copy the template.  Lessons are available for K-12. has an astounding amount of backgrounds and images available, but you can also upload your own if your don't find what you need.

Backgrounds are available for scenes from history, famous locations, and different time periods (to name a few) and can be customized by changing colors:

Characters can be customized by changing colors of skin, hair, eyes, and clothing.  They can also be customized by changing their pose.

There are some useful features for teachers as well:
  • Teachers can quickly add student users to a classroom account so students do not need to create an account with an email address.  
  • Teachers can easily push out assignments to their class and view student work.
  • Student work can be shared, downloaded, or printed from the teacher dashboard.
  • A management dashboard holds easy to access tools for teachers to manage and monitor their students' accounts and classwork. is a tool I often forget about now that many of my students have moved to 1:1 iPad learning.  However, this site now is compatible with iPads as well.  No more reason to forget about this amazing resource!


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