About Me

Hi!  I am Karen Ogen.

I am currently the Magnet Site Coordinator and Lead Teacher for a media and technology focused elementary magnet school in South Carolina.  My prior position was as a technology integration specialist.  I have 20 years experience working in education technology, with a Masters degree in Educational Administration and in Teaching and Learning with a focus in K-12 Technology Integration.   

I work directly with teachers and students in the classroom to model, co-teach, and plan lessons that meaningful integrate technology with the curriculum.  I am proficient with many technology products and platforms including iPads, Chromebooks, Google Apps, Smartboards, digital media, and production equipment.  Some of my favorite topics are Augmented Reality, Google Apps, iPad Storytelling, and Green Screening.

Throughout my career I have conducted professional development workshops and graduate level courses for the school district.  I also present extensively at state, national, and virtual conferences.
  You can view some of my presentations here.  Contact me about presenting at your conference or school.
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